Badass Brat is the epic tale of a young boy and his life long quest to cause annoyance and brattiness to the people around him, primarily his closest family. Well – it’s not so much epic as it is silly, and there’s no real quest per se. But the rest is true. The comic centers around a nine year old little brat named Buzz Badass (which is why it’s called Badass Brat – it’s not because he’s actually that much of a badass) and all the misery he puts his parents and his siblings through.


Name: Buzz Badass
Age: 9
Status: Brat
The main character and title brat, Buzz’ methods range from cruel pranks that may cause the victim physical pain, to simple verbal abuse. He doesn’t need a reason – to Buzz, being an annoying brat is what it’s all about.


Name: Ben Badass
Age: 36
Status: Husband, father
The father of the Badass family, Ben is generally a nice, ordinary guy. He’s also a favorite target for Buzz’ mischief, something that can get his blood boiling pretty fast.


Name: Bev Badass
Age: 35
Status: Wife, mother
Bev: Married to Ben, mother to Buzz and his sisters. A normally calm woman who enjoys painting, Bev tries in vain to hide the fact that she was once just as devious as Buzz.


Name: Becca Badass
Age: 13
Status: Big sister
Becca is Buzz’ older sister. A good kid, really, but when faced with a brat attack from her brother, she’s quick to strike back – usually in the form of physical abuse.


Name: Buffy Badass
Age: 8
Status: Little sister
The youngest and most impressionable member of the family, Buffy is the most likely candidate whenever Buzz needs a partner in crime (although she’d probably rather not be). Most of the time, though, she’s just another victim.